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More than just a  Ribbon

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Branded Gift PackagingBranded Gift Packaging
Satin Style Ribbons

The ultimate ribbon indulgence: featuring a lush, silky-smooth texture in an array of rich, vibrant colours, beautiful sheen creating a luxurious rich effect.

Choose from a large selection of colours and widths to print the perfect ribbon design personally for you or your business.  Sizes range from 10mm - 100mm widths.


Personalised ribbon conveys a professional and sophisticated image.

Satin Ribbon

Satin ribbon is a silky and elegant ribbon with straight flat edges, while single sided Satin ribbon is similar to regular satin, it   produces a more solid and clearer finish, due to its flatness. Satin Ribbon is so adaptable and can be used all round and is superb for Sashes.  This is the most popular choice for printing onto. 

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Double Faced Satin Ribbon

Double face satin ribbon is a silky and elegant two-sided satin ribbon with finished edges and is slightly thicker (softer) than regular satin. 

 Great for:  corporate gifts, corporate events, company branding, weddings, craft projects, Florists, Bakers,  Functions, and product packaging

It looks superb  when decorating Wedding Cakes, Invitations, Gift Boxes, Wedding Favours, Wedding Cookies, Chocolate boxes, or around candles, soaps and jewellery.


Ribbon Supplies

Satin Ribbon can be purchased unprinted, if required.  This is also a popular choice for gift wrapping, decorating, presentations and Marquee / event decorating.

Available sizes:  10mm, 15mm, 25mm * 25mtr length  

                            50mm, 100mm * 50mts length 

Packaging Packaging

Materials: double face satin polyester or Satin ribbon

Note: ribbons are printed on 1 side only and in one colour only


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